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We build Plextari to fulfill our dream to live close to nature and have an establishment where we can provide the same to our visitors that plan to stay with us away from the big and noisy metropolitan areas. Plextari is a place where together we can explore nature and not trapped on a big city.

Here you can feel the rejuvenating power of nature even even just as simply as drinking your coffee or beverage in our garden or by exploring the surrounding area which includes mountain, hills and our beautiful seafront of the Aegean Sea. Those areas are perfect for biking, hiking, swimming, scuba diving etc.

Our get-away from the hustle and bustle of the city offers private rooms 300 m away from the coastline with the following accommodations: air conditioning, television, and a refrigerator (mini-bar). We also make special room accommodations, please inquire for further information.

We serve breakfast to our guests every morning on our outdoor patio, next to the garden, where the beautiful view of the mountains and surrounding nature will bring you peace and serenity as you sip on your morning cup of tea or coffee. However you choose to enjoy your time here, we will do whatever we can to make your time here the most worthwhile!

After consultation we can offer traditional Greek meals with local fresh ingredients.

We have six rooms for rent.  Each room is double occupancy.  We can provide a roll away bed to accommodate extra person.

We provide bikes to ride in the region and a guide for walking in the mountains.

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